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June 17th

Saturday, June 17th

White Sand Shorts


Voice of Grace

In White Sands

Dance of the Neurons

In White Sands

The World’s Longest Wait

In White Sands

Victor & Isolina

In White Sands

Brooklyn In July

In White Sands


In White Sands

Naked In The Blueberry Fields

In White Sands

Acito On The Mound

In White Sands


Directed by Jeremiah McLamb

CK Erwin is a man who’s lost his family as well as his will to live. But when he takes a job as a mechanic at a small Auto Restore shop, he is soon involved with a new ragtag family who needs him every bit as much as he needs them. Especially feisty Samantha “Sam” Collins, a high school wrestler, who needs a private coach for her last shot at Finals this year.

Screening with the short documentary:


Directed by Kim Brattain

Sharecrop   3pm

Directed by Claudia Stack.


SHARECROP explores the experience of ten individuals who were involved in sharecropping during the segregation era. Sometimes called “the forgotten farmers”, sharecroppers were vital to agricultural production prior to widespread farm mechanization. Featuring rare archival footage and many period images, the film conveys what life was really like for cotton sharecroppers in the Mississippi Delta, tobacco sharecroppers in the Carolinas, and others.

Sea Oats Shorts


100 % of ticket sales from this film block will be donated to The Carousel Center to help victims of child abuse.

We Have Each Other

In Sea Oats

Ananas Comosus

In Sea Oats

Shades of Scarlet

In Sea Oats

A Magician

In Sea Oats


In Sea Oats

Penny Popper Takes Flight

In Sea Oats


In Sea Oats


In Sea Oats

Where We’re Meant To Be   5:30pm

Directed by Michael Howard

Small moments can change our entire path in life. Travel in and out of the lives of a number of vastly different people as each one connects to the next during their most pivotal moments.  Nominated for The Don Award for best independently produced screenplay.

The Night Watchmen     6pm

Directed by Mitchell Altieri

Three inept night watchmen, aided by a young rookie and a fearless tabloid journalist, fight an epic battle to save their lives. A mistaken warehouse delivery unleashes a horde of hungry vampires, and these unlikely heroes must not only save themselves but also stop the scourge that threatens to take over the city of Baltimore.  (This film is not rated but is intended for mature audiences only)

Screening with the short film:


Directed by Jaysen Buterin

Wilmington Film Awards  8:30 pm

Join us as we honor the best films of the festival in ten different categories. We also present the Female Director’s Award and The Don Award for best feature screenplay.

Hosted by Gabe Wood 


A seasoned actor & comedian, Gabe has worked all over the country in film, television, commercials, live theater, and stand up. Notable appearances include One Tree Hill (WB), Mercy Street (PBS), The Change-Up (Universal) and the recent indie film hit, The Harrow. His motion capture work includes the character of Marcus Fenix in the GEARS OF WAR video game series. Gabe can often be heard shouting, “It’s a fine day to shoot a movie!”