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Wilmington Film Museum

New Summer Exhibit: Opens June 2019

At the Hannah S. Block Community Arts Center – 120 S. 2nd Street


This summer exhibit will include local film history (Cape Fear Region), sports movies and a ‘tools of the trade’ artifacts exhibit.

The Wilmington Film Museum is a grassroots history project dedicated to the preservation, promotion and education of film & TV history in the Cape Fear area.   Wilmington is more than just a filming location. Many of the professionals that travelled here with film and TV productions stayed to make Wilmington their home. Over the decades that base has grown into what is now the indigenous Wilmington Film Community and includes everyone from small, independent productions to Hollywood blockbusters. Wilmington has become a production hub for much of the rest the state, so we will celebrate our extended family as well, including celebrities that have made Wilmington a second home and productions that have utilized multiple locations across North Carolina. By highlighting the crafts and talents of the thousands of Wilmingtonians who left their mark on the film world, we will celebrate the people and places that have made Wilmington famous in films and television.


As a grassroots program, we want to build the museum from the ground up, utilizing as much local talent and support as we can to create a hands on, interactive museum that will be free to the public.  We are currently seeking contributors, community partners, advisory council members, committee members, interns and volunteers.  Anyone interested in being part of this grassroots project is invited. You can also contribute to our capital campaign by donating through the Go Fund Me or Paypal links. 

 Please contact us at info@wilmingtonfilmmuseum.org with any questions or suggestions. And don’t forget to like us on FACEBOOK and check that page for updates.