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Directed by Guy Soulsby.

United Kingdom 7 min


The Devil’s twisted view of humanity.

Your idle hands are not his only tools.


Director’s Statement

I have always wanted to make and create films, eye catching visuals and engaging stories. So I decided to pull in all my favours over the past 10 years from directing commercials to shoot a short film. I got my crew onboard, along with a fantastic cast as well as some of the best post houses in Soho to make the film DEVIL MAKES WORK a reality. Now 2 years later and a ton of hard work the film is finally complete.


Directed by David F. Geiser

Switzerland  14 min


At the end of the last screening, the operator turns off the cinema`s projector. While the evening seemed
similar to any other, a presence lurks in the shadows…


Directed by Christian Jean

United States     12 min


A Fistful of Dollars in The Twilight Zone. Set in 1899 in the sunbaked desolation of the high desert, Mojave Junction is a supernatural western telling the story of McTeague (Race Owen), a scoundrel who absconds with a treasure of stolen gold only to be tracked down by Marcus (Ed Marinaro), a wiry ‘ole prospector whose impulsiveness far outweighs his intelligence. Watch as these rock-ribbed adversaries clash in an escalating battle of wills, and recoil in horror as something sinister lurking among the dunes renders a final judgment on their greed.


Directed by Jeff Myers

 United States  19 min


Unwilling to accept the death of her husband, a young widow, acquires a machine that can bring him back to her. But the machine exacts a terrible price: she must provide the blood it needs to revive her beloved. And it starts demanding more and more blood for less and less time.


Directed by Christopher G. Moore

North Carolina, US  15 min


A determined young woman faces the daunting task of taking care of her neighbors after a post-apocalyptic event leaves them frozen in place.


Christopher is an award-winning director whose films have screened all over the country. His last film “Foodie” won 8 awards during its festival run and was even featured in an online article on The New Yorker site. His current film “Disengaged” has already won 3 awards and is currently on the festival circuit. He’s also co-writer on the popular YouTube series, Mario Warfare, which has garnered millions of views. He’s currently in pre-production on his haunted house feature as well as a sci-fi web series.


Directed by Rickey Bird

United States     28 min


In “Naked Zombie Girl,” two girls and their friend, Tony, have just escaped a zombie attack in a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman. Unfortunately, Tony has been bitten and is about to turn into a zombie. That’s all you really need to know other than star Meghan Chadeayne somehow loses her dress and goes on a maddening zombie-killing spree.